Terms of Service

1. General

Please read the following Terms of Service agreement. By purchasing or using the JenkinsDesigns service you agree and comply to follow these Terms. If you do not agree with the following items; do not use our services. It is down to you as a buyer/client of JenkinsDesigns to check these Terms regularly as they may change at any time with or without warning. All terms are governed by the United States and the United Kingdom laws.

Messages sent from any account apart from the JenkinsDesigns account are not directly affiliated with JenkinsDesigns. The user(s) managing the JenkinsDesigns account will try to rectify any mis-leading and unfair messages. We do not take any responsibility for what users say in our servers apart from if they are made on our account

2. Copyright

The JenkinsDesigns site and documents are protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Any attempt to steal these items may lead to a formal legal suit against you.

3. Website

Our site uses cookies to ensure you as a user has the best experience possible. Without cookies parts of our site cannot function. After using our site, you may clear your browser cookies but this will lead to you being logged out of the client panel.

All user details are stored in a secure database, and passwords are encrypted for security. If you would like us to remove your account from the database, please contact one of our CEO’s via Email, Skype or Discord. Please note: when we terminate your account, it can take up to 48 hours and all your past orders and quotes will be removed from our database.

4. Services

Our services are run by the Management team. Every order that comes through JenkinsDesigns is recorded in a spreadsheet and kept for 12 months before being removed. If you require an NDA to be signed; you must let the Management team know beforehand so we can choose a freelancer that can legally sign this document.

We require a 50% deposit before each commission for security reasons. If a Chargeback is received, this document will be shown to the moderation team of the payment method. All payments must be made via Goods and Services following the PayPal policy. Any commission above $100 USD will be monitored by our CFO (Chief Finance Officer). If any Chargeback is received above $100 USD, we may take legal action using either a third-party debt collector or taking it to court. If any of the above methods are used, you will be required to pay an added 25% fee of the original amount in fines. If we fail to retrieve the payment, we will claim the work as JenkinsDesigns’ and we will resell it to make up for the lost revenue. No commission is guaranteed to get accepted, it us up to our freelancers to claim them.

5. Affiliate program

The affiliate program is a system where you can earn money by referring users to JenkinsDesigns. The following terms apply while using this system.

You may not earn money of your own personal commissions. E.g.: If you try to use your own affiliate name at checkout your order will be declined and followed up by a warning. Once you reach 3 warnings, you will be blacklisted from our services. Each order that you refer will enable you to receive 10% of the commission total. E.g.: If you referred an $800 commission, you would receive $80. Please note: We do not accept all commissions. You only receive the amount if we accept the commission.

6. Service Copyright

All projects/services via JenkinsDesigns is copyrighted with the JenkinsDesigns name. As an example, a site will include “Site created by JenkinsDesigns”. This must not be removed at any cost unless you specifically pay an extra $15.00. Additionally, if you request a chargeback you must put the copyright back on the product, regardless if we win the chargeback.

7. Project Files

We keep project files for 30 days after the final transaction has been made. After these 30 days, you may not be able to get the Project Files back, therefore we advise you to keep backups as we will not be responsible for any data loss.

8. Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel any project if we believe we cannot complete it to an acceptable standard or if you have a past reputation for breaking Terms while using other services. If you get blacklisted from the JenkinsDesigns services, we will not accept any requests made by you.

9. Purchases

We reserve the right to question where you have received the money for the service provided. If you are unable to provide a valid explanation, you will be blacklisted from our services and we may report you to the appropriate authorities. Additionally, if you are a parent and your child has used your money for a service; we are unable to process a refund as the service has been provided.

10. Delays

Here at JenkinsDesigns, we have an active queue for all service requests. All services have to wait in this queue before the appropriate freelancer is able to make a start on it. Additionally, if there are any delays during the order process, we will give you 24 hours’ notice before the deadline.

11. Portfolio

We reserve the right to put any project on our Portfolio Page. If you do not want it to be displayed you can pay a fee of $5.00 USD and we give you the right to remove it.

12. Ownership

If you would like to sell the project files provided, you must contact JenkinsDesigns with 7 days’ notice. If we decline the request, you must not sell the files.

13. Refunds

We have a strict no refund policy. Once a project has started, we will not issue a refund. If the project is still in the ‘queue’ we may issue a refund.

14. Scam Reports

All Scam reports must go directly to the freelancer completing the job. If you feel like JenkinsDesigns is involved please tag us in the Scam Report and we will reply within 48 hours. We are not responsible for any payments sent to the freelancer. As a result of the Scam Report going in the client’s favour, we are able to issue only the payment received via JenkinsDesigns.

15. Conclusion

Any service/sub-company owned by JenkinsDesigns uses this Terms of Service and the Terms of Service provided on that site. If you have any issues with the Terms above, please contact us. Otherwise please enjoy using our services.