Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

JenkinsDesigns is a team of Freelancers that provide services at a cheap and reliable cost. We are the biggest working team inside of the game Minecraft, and still growing by the day. To this day we have the largest website and tracking system out of every team in the Minecraft community. We use user’s information in the most confidential way possible to allow you to control what happens with what you provide. Please read the following information carefully to see how we store our information. Please note, this may be updated at any time with or without warning, it is your responsibility as a client of JenkinsDesigns to check the Terms regularly to ensure you are up to date with the Policy.

2. What data we store

When accessing/using our services, we may store some of your information for legal purposes. Upon viewing our website we store small files of information on your browser called cookies, these hold preferences such as if you are logged in, your chosen site theme, whether you are here for gaming services of freelance services. You can remove our cookies by clearing your browser data, please note this may affect other websites that you access using your browser.

When you submit a contact request or a careers application, your information submitted is saved in a secure database so our staff can get back to you in a swift manner. This information is not shared with any third-party organisation. As well as that, when you register on our website we store your information that you have submitted in a secure database. Passwords are encrypted with the latest technology to ensure your details are safe. We also store your IP address to protect us against any fraud-related activities, we will not share this information with anyone unless they have a legal document giving them permission to it.

Finally, when you submit a quote or order with us we save all of the information submitted to a secure database. Freelancers will only get access to view this if they are operating the commission.

3. How can I change/delete my information

To delete/change your information stored on the JenkinsDesigns database, you must contact a member of our support team. Additionally, if you require your account to get removed, you must send an email to Support times can take up to 48 hours but we aim to deliver the first response within 12 working hours. Once you delete your account, your open Quotes will also be deleted. If you have an outstanding balance you will still need to pay this after the closure of your account

4. Who can access the data?

Private information such as Passwords cannot be viewed by any member at JenkinsDesigns including C-Suite, this is due to them being encrypted. Less sensitive information such as Names and Emails can be viewed by C-Suite during registration, you may hide this from our view by contacting us at We do not sell or provide any third-party companies with access to our data. In the case of a Database Breach, we will lockdown the database, put the site into lockdown, change database passwords, notify all users affected, hire a third-party system admin to look over our Database Security and take appropriate action against the party that operated the breach.

5. Data Breach

Data breaches are not common but they are certainly not non-existent, we have a policy in place if a Data breach ever occurs. Upon receiving information about the breach, we will immediately lockdown our website causing it to go offline. The database passwords will be changed in a swift manner before getting a System administrator to check if anything has been tampered with, we will notify all users that are registered via email regardless of if they were affected or not.

6. Why do you need this?

We need the data to allow us to contact you and use it in the event of a payment Dispute. None of the information provided to us will be disclosed to any third party company unless they have legal documents entitling them to the view of the information.