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Who are we?

JenkinsDesigns was created in late 2016 by Ben J and Samee A. Time went by and the team grew as well as the client numbers. This had a massive impact on the lives of our senior staff as they realised they were making money out of something they loved. Now, money is not the reason we started JenkinsDesigns, as a matter of fact we started it to see a positive impact on our community. A big question would be; Have we accomplished our ideas? The answer to that is Yes. With the help of each and every one of our clients and freelancers, we have changed our original plans into much bigger ones.


We are not specifically looking for partners, but if you are interested in the role; you need to try and build up trust with us.
Before we can create an order request, you need to generate a quote either on our website or Discord server. On our Discord server, type !quote and you will open a private channel for your quote information. And on our website, create an account using the register page, and then click request a quote.
You may view our past work on the portfolio page, located here.
Our affiliate system takes place on our Discord Server. You get extra perks for directing users to our server.
To apply as a freelancer, visit the careers page located here.
Our current commission rate is 15%. This gets split among our management team.
At this time we only support PayPal G&S, with certain services we may offer more.
All details are stored in a secure database. We encrypt all passwords and change the database user password every 7 days.





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